Day 16: Getting the Message

“It sucks that you’re not here,” an ex-colleague texted me today.

Yeah, man, it does.

Or does it?

I’ve been through all sorts of emotions in the last two months: my pride was hurt, I’ve felt disappointed, offended, tricked, frustrated, angry, lost, anxious, scared, challenged, curious, hopeful, determined, you name it, but one distinct feeling is absent: I haven’t felt that I missed my old job.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved doing what I was doing. I am not that kind of person who stays in a job they are more frustrated than happy about.

And, obviously, I loved the people that came along with that job.

But, taking a step back, I had been in that job for a while. I learned what there was to learn. I reached what there was to reach. There were no further chances for professional or personal growth anymore. Nowhere to go. No future.

I was enjoying it while it lasted but I knew this would become an issue for me at some point.

Adding to that, in the last half-year or so, the workload at my position sky-rocketed with a new project that was being mismanaged. I rose up to the challenge, but it was exhausting. The stakeholders were frustrated, the stress levels were high, and I knew I was on a fast track to a burnout. Still, the challenge was there, and I’m not a quitter.

If I am brutally honest with myself though, I was not far from that point when the job happiness-frustration ratio sways to the negative side.

So maybe, just maybe, though unexpected and painful, having the project canceled and me fired was still the better option. The kick in the butt I needed, to break free and move in a new direction.

There might still be career options for me I haven’t thought about, paths I didn’t know existed.

And there certainly are many things I haven’t learned yet.

Maybe it was the Universe, fate, God or whatever greater entity there might be letting me know it was time, and making sure I got the message.

Deciphering that message, figuring out what the new direction should be, is the new challenge. I am considering getting help from a professional career coach. What are your thoughts?

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