Day 10: Battling and Getting Inspired

It’s day 10 of my unemployment, and the rollercoaster ride metaphor still stands.

Up and down, up and down, my emotions seem to peak and change direction on a vertical scale every 24 hours now. Yesterday was rough and lead me through a vicious circle of exaggerated ambitions and disappointingly low productivity; today was filled with sunshine and zen feelings.

If this trend holds up, I may even start scheduling my job interviews around it!

Needless to say, I do not feel like accepting living on half of my days, and having to suffer through the rest. So I have started planning some sort of human interaction activity for every day, or as many days as possible, as these seem to help lift my spirits:

  • local free classes to hone my skills,
  • job fairs to learn to smile and hand out my resume with confidence,
  • meetings with a potential business partner, to look into the option of setting up a project on the side,
  • even routine doctor’s visits that I’ve been postponing for long enough.

This might seem like a good start – it will certainly get me out of those sweatpants! – but I have yet to see how it will work. Because, on bad days, these are exactly the sorts of things that seem scary.

Speaking of which, here are three reasons why I recently stated that the blogging community is extremely helpful and generally awesome; and three posts I want to keep as a reference for a future me, or anybody else in the same situation:

    1. Apparently, there is a difference between suffering from social anxiety and being introverted, as I have recently learned thanks to The Psych Talk’s insightful article on the topic. According to this, the distinctive feature is the motivation for decisions: while introverts retain their free will, those who suffer from anxieties are governed by fear. I can honestly say that the simple realization of this, that the ultimate source of uneasy feelings might be nothing but fear, is a fantastic aid in overcoming them. On top of that, according to The Psych Talk, anxiety is a learned response – which definitely sounds like something that can be re-learned!
    2. If you – like me – always thought that personality is something more or less stable, something that changes only slightly and only by chance or, well, life, think again. Dr Damon Ashworth proves that, if broken down into a number of factors, one’s personality can be deliberately and systematically changed and improved over a relatively short time frame. Looks like there is hope for me yet!
    3. Last but not least, this newpmv’s article literally shook my world. Make sure you read it until the very end, and follow the advice!
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